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Sneak Peak . . .

Here are a few photos of 6836 from the past few months of our project. Today we head over to Taiwan to visit Ta-Shing for my third visit and Van's fourth. The folks from Ta-Shing and PAE are so warm and welcoming and provide for an excellent experience both in the yard and when we are out and about exploring the beautiful country and the people. This visit we are bringing our designer who we couldn't be doing the project without - Kate Lindberg. Kate worked on our homes and on 5506 replacing soft furnishings when we arrived in San Diego. Kate has been instrumental in so many major details and collaborated with us endlessly on this project. You can check out some of Kate's other work on land here - She is amazing!

This is N6836, the first (and only) 68 no hallway layout - basically the 76 layout on a 68. Also the first 68 with the rudder moved aft for better control and tracking. There will be a laundry room off the galley, a walk-in closet in the MSR and a Scania engine down below. We are enjoying the project immensely and very excited for our June 2020 delivery.

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