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Break Time

It’s been 594 days since Van and I arrived in Seattle to start our journey on Sunday Morning. We cruised more than 8,500 nautical miles, visited 25 ports in 6 beautiful countries, transited the Panama Canal, got married and spent a joyous holiday season in New York City. Along the way we gained a buddy boat and two friends who have become like family - Giddy-Up with Jim and Anne Crossley, made many new friends – sometimes in the oddest places, had lots of friends and family join us for parts of the voyage (we liked to called them crew and even put them to work) and drank countless jalapeño margaritas. There have been times of tears and days of feeling homesick (as if I even know where home is any more), visits to remote lands in El Salvador, swanky resorts in Mexico, the cutest monkeys in Costa Rica, the tiniest red frogs in Panama, loads of laughs and tons of memories that will last forever. This has been a trip of a lifetime and I have a feeling it’s only the beginning of what will be years of interesting voyages to places words can barely describe. For now we’re hoping for a smooth ride south before we park Sunday Morning and get reacquainted with our sexy, sun-filled neighborhood – Las Olas and spend some quality time with our dear Florida friends. Our plan is to head out on our next adventure in May with Giddy–Up, we’ll explore all the charming coastal towns of the east coast from Florida to Maine for the summer of 2016. We live the life and we love the life we live! ‪#‎tracyandvan‬‪ #‎thegoodlife‬

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