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Our Lazy Mascot

We are very fortunate to travel with a really cute kitty - Emily. She is 12 years old and doesn't even know she's on a boat, so please don't tell her. This cat has traveled more miles by air and sea than most people I know - she is a frequent flyer on United and is racking up the miles. Against what my husband believes, she would much prefer to be cozy (and lazy) at home. Given a choice though, she would decide to be with us on the boat or wherever we might be.

Emily's favorite spot is to be on our bed. She moves from the galley to the stateroom with an occasional visit to the salon and doesn't venture much further than that. While we are under way, she prefers it if I stay with her and hold her - that usually keeps her calm if we are in rough seas. We love cruising with Emily!

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