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San Diego, Mexico and a Buddy Boat

We arrived in San Diego on Sept. 6 after our first long journey with overnights. Thanks to our "crew" Captain Bill Baker and David Anderson, we made it safely and without incident. I was quite nervous as I had never cruised through the night before except for the many cruises during my professional years on luxury cruise lines - quite a different experience. Yes, I was the kitchen, dining room and housekeeping staff. It was a wonderful learning experience and having Captain Bill Baker on board to reinforce everyting I learned from Van, this voyage gave me the confidence I needed to journey south.

The months of September and October were spent in San Diego which was great. We had just sold our CA beach home and we were able to spend some quality time with friends and family. It was a great two months and a good place to get the boat ready for a journey through International waters.

While we were in CA, our incredible Interior Designer, Kate Lindberg, had the opportunity to give Sunday Morning a fresh new look. Check out our video of the before and after - I do apologize the photo quality isn't the best, but you will get a good idea of Sunday Morning's update.

Sunday Morning's New Look

Mexico was where we met up with new friends and buddy boat - Anne and Jim Crossley on Giddy-Up. New friends who have become like family. What a great find! We met up in La Cruz which still to this day is probably our favorite port. La Cruz is a quaint little cruising town just north of Puerto Vallarta.

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