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Our Lazy Mascot

We are very fortunate to travel with a really cute kitty - Emily.  She is 11 years old and doesn't even know she's on a boat, so please don't tell her.  This cat has traveled more miles by air and sea than most people I know - she is a frequent flyer on United and is racking up the miles.  Against what my husband believes, she would much prefer to be cozy (and lazy) at home.  Given a choice though, she would decide to be with us on the boat or wherever we might be.  


While Emily is a good kitty, she doesn't understand what actually happens when we are underway in rougher seas.  She is best when I spend the time with her.  I'm not sure if she gets seasick or if she is just nervous.  I have figured out that swadling her like a baby seems to calm her down considerably.  


After medicating Emily twice a day for over a year we made the difficult decision to have Emily treated for hyperthyroidism with radioiodine therapy over the summer of 2015.  We were fortunate enough to to in the NYC area and to find an excellent place with the leading doctor in the field.  Thanks to Dr. Peterson and the staff at Hypurrcat, Emily is doing exceptionally well.  While the several days away from us and the boat were tough, it was well worth it.  Check out this place - they only work with cats and provide entertainment in the form or live guinea pigs, birds and squirrels on big the big screen, as well as two video cams in Emily's kitty condo so we could watch her throughout the long days of her hospital stay.  The place is amazing.  

Hypurrcat - 

The favorite sleeping spot
Rough seas - ugh!
One of her favorite sleeping spots
Do I look like Donald?
A rare visit to the pilot house.
Is it time to eat?
Staying with grandma.
Mommy don't leave me.
My mommy loves me.
Exploring my artistic side with Paint for Cats on my iPad.
Showing off my long and lean bod.
Cute and cuddly
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